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Department of Computer Science

Chair 14 for Software Engineering

Chair 14 of the Faculty of Computer Science at the TU Dortmund University is engaged in teaching and research in the areas of Software Architecture, Business Processes and the formal and logical foundations of Software Engineering. This research also serves as the basis for the affiliated Fraunhofer Institute for Software and Systems Engineering (ISST).

Our chair is divided into three research groups: The SEAL Group is headed by the chair holder Prof. Dr. Jakob Rehof. The AG Virtual Machining (VM) Group is lead by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Petra Wiederkehr. The AG Automated Quality Assurance (AQUA) Group is lead by Prof. Dr. Falk Howar.

The SEAL Group conducts research on formal logic and synthesis, in particular by developing formally verified synthesis algorithms and implementing them in the (CL)S Framework. Applications include research and transfer projects, e.g., synthesis of control software for cyber-physical systems, hardware designs, and simulation models of factories. The teaching of the group focuses on the interplay of type theory and logic as well as concepts of functional programming.

The VM Group works on the modeling, simulation and optimization of real-world manufacturing processes. Topics range from developing process models for the description of geometric and physical properties to the analysis of recorded sensor data and the online adaptation of processes at the machine tool's site.

The AQUA Group's research focuses on formal methods in Software Engineering. This includes modeling of assumptions, formalizing of expectations, checking of requirements under assumptions and support of this processes via tools, processes and standards. The group's teaching is based on its reseach agenda and conveys knowledge of formal methods in the context of Software Engineering.